Bruce Kaler M.D.

Bruce Kaler M.D.

"Owner's Manual for Injury Prevention" has great info on common injury care, treatment and prevention. A user friendly guide to better health and invaluable resource for patients and human resource personnel.

Author of the exciting mystery novel "Turnabout by Bruce Kaler M.D." that follows a surgeon whose life is turned upside down by a wrongful death malpractice lawsuit brought by his vengeful ex-girlfriend. He struggles to find the truth for which he is ill prepared.

"The Owner's Manual for Allergy Relief" is intended to be a primer for people who struggle with allergy issues. It explains in easy to understand terms how to recognize and understand allergies.

The Owner's Manual and Turnabout are available through in Kindle and print formats as well as, Barnes and and Apple iBookstore. Visit his blog Seattledoc Blog or follow on Twitter. Review his health related articles.

As a physician with over thirty years of clinical experience in the fields of general/family practice, occupational medicine, and urgent care, his expertise is promoting healthy living and inspiring people to reach their life goals.

Dr Kaler's professional experience has not been limited to the practice of medicine. He has worked as a business consultant, registered investment advisor, wine enthusiast, wine merchant and personal advisor. He is a frequent radio expert and on-air media contributor for health related topics.

Dr. Kaler is also a consultant and motivational counselor. He is available for speaking engagements on topics customized for your group or organization. Topics include leadership and management coaching, communication skills and health related topics. His practical strategies for corporate community building and mission goals are successful for indvidual and group training. He is available for strategic planning with real life solutions for personal and professional growth

"It's a privilege for me to be considered a trusted advisor and be intimately included in someone's life or career. I look forward to continuing my role as personal advisor in whatever way I can motivate and inspire people to reach their own goals and aspirations."

Dr Kaler lives in Seattle, Washington, with his wife of thirty years.

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